Ashulia Classic Bus Route (আশুলিয়া ক্লাসিক বাস)

Ashulia Classic Bus Routes and Service Details

The Ashulia Classic (আশুলিয়া ক্লাসিক) bus starts to give services from NOBINAGAR (নবীনগর) and ends services at SAT RASTA (শাট রাস্তা). This is a demanding bus among those people who move here and there. This bus is a sitting service bus and provides great service to all regions of Dhaka city.

Ashulia Classic Bus Route:

Nobinagar ⇄ Baipayl ⇄ Jamgora ⇄ Fantasy Kingdom ⇄ Zirabo ⇄ Ashulia Bazar ⇄ Kamarpara ⇄ Abdullahpur ⇄ House Building ⇄ Azampur ⇄ Rajlakshmi ⇄ Jashimuddin (Uttara) ⇄ Airport ⇄ Khilkhet ⇄ Kuril Bishwa Road ⇄ Shewra ⇄ MES ⇄ Kakali ⇄ Banani ⇄ Chairman Bari ⇄ Mohakhali ⇄ Nabisco ⇄ Sat rasta.

Ashulia Classic Bus Operating Hours:

Ashulia Classic (আশুলিয়া ক্লাসিক) bus starts to provide service to the general people from 06:00 a.m in the morning and ends service at night 10:00 p.m(This depends on the situation, time might vary).

Ashulia Classic Bus Service Details And Counters:

Since, this bus provides great service from NABINAGAR to SAT RASTA; people of this area receive great service from this bus. In Dhaka, Ashulia is a fantastic transportation firm.

The Ashulia classic (আশুলিয়া ক্লাসিক) bus service in Dhaka provides the common population with economical, secure, and dependable transportation. Buses are widely used and quite popular to the common people. There are some points from which commuters may enter the bus. The stoppages are at

                        Stoppages Name         (স্টপেজের নাম)
                          Nobinagar                      (নবীনগর)
                          Ashulia Bazar                (আশুলিয়া বাজার)
                          Azampur                        (আজমপুর)
                          Airport                            (বিমানবন্দর)
                          Khilkhet                          (খিলক্ষেত)
                          Banani                            (বনানী)
                        Sat rasta                          (শাট রাস্তা)

However, inside Dhaka city there are more than 25 to 30 buses playing a key role and providing excellent services to the commuters. In each Ashulia Classic (আশুলিয়া ক্লাসিক) bus it contains around 46 to 50 seats.

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As it is a sitting service bus people of this bus get satisfied by moving in it. This bus charges half fare from the students (Depending on the situation). Overall, people who travel by this bus know about it already.