Anabil Super Bus Route (অনাবিল সুপার বাস)

Anabil Super Bus Route (অনাবিল সুপার বাস)

Anabil Bus Route: Signboard to Gazipur Chowrasta

Sign Board ⇄ Shonir Akhra ⇄ Jatrabari ⇄ Sayedabad ⇄ Mugdapara ⇄ Bashabo ⇄ Khilgaon ⇄ Malibagh Railgate ⇄ Hazipara ⇄ Rampura Bazar ⇄ Rampura Bridge ⇄ Merul ⇄ Badda ⇄ Uttar Badda ⇄ Shahjadpur ⇄ Bashtola -⇄ Notun Bazar ⇄ Nadda ⇄ Bashundhara ⇄ Jamuna Future Park ⇄ Kuril Bishwa Road ⇄ Khilkhet ⇄ Airport ⇄ Jashimuddin (Uttara) ⇄ Rajlakshmi ⇄ Azampur ⇄ House Building ⇄ Abdullahpur ⇄ Tongi ⇄ Station Road ⇄ Mill Gate ⇄ Board Bazar ⇄ Gazipur Bypass ⇄ Gazipur Chourasta

Anabil Bus Operating Hours

The Anabil (অনাবিল) starts their service in the morning at 6:00 am and they stop the bus service in night at 10:30 pm (This operating hours and time can be different depending on the situation and routes)

Anabil Super Bus Details

Among all of the other local bus routes, Anabil Bus (অনাবিল বাস) provide service in a popular route for the local Dhaka City. Even if many people depend on the Anabil Super Buses there are a couple of alternatives.

The Anabil Bus’s similar and alternative bus is Salsabil Bus with the exact same route and fare price. Additionally, from the route of Jatra Bari and Mugda, Anabil Super Bus has a direct competitor and alternative Raida Bus and Turag Bus which also ends at the route of Gazipur.

The Anabil Super Buses have 42 to 50 seat buses and have more than 25 buses now. They have a semi-sitting service. (This depends on the situation)

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The transport fare is average on these local buses. This Anabil Bus Transport was with Salsabil Bus but they were separated and one later named Salsabil and another one Anabil on the same route. They both are competitors hence they take the same amount of fare and have the exact same bus route.

People travelling from Jatrabari Site to Gazipur, all recognize this bus companybecause of their long period of service.